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Originally Posted by 510135 View Post
At the end of the day if you want to enter you're car in time attack go nuts, buy the best coils you can but be prepared to pour a whole lot of other Coin into other mods ( I actually would hate to see what it would come to)

If you want to stance it for car shows/aesthetics buy the bags.
Or buy cheaper well know coils for a quarter of the price of both. The well known coils aren't shit at all. The KW V2/V3 they will out perform your driving ability guaranteed.
.... if you would actually want to know - iirc i worked out somewhere around the $30k mark minimum for the bottom level of the truly competitive stuff (stock body, built to max engine+driveline, brakes etc.).. probably more like 40k+ with seats and all that.. cage if you wanted to not die...

totally agree with that last bit.