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Originally Posted by pd135
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I think everyone has given their opinion. Which is exactly what you're after. Don't waste your money on a mod that you won't see a decent return for. If you want an all out track car, spend $8k on it and enjoy. If you don't, then get one of the tried and trusted options that will save you money and do what you're looking for. Simple.
The opinions I've gotten aren't what I was looking for. I was wanting some actual experience with them

I'm ok with spending 8k on suspension because I plan on keeping this car for a long time, I really don't need people telling me they think my spending that much is a waste of money, as far as I'm concerned, regardless of which way I go.

I don't like doing things everyone else has done mod wise. I want to maintain a degree of difference between my car and every other 135 out there. (Quite frankly it bores me, I'd rather do something a little unique) if no one ever pushes the envelope then how will the mod scene for this model continue to develop
No one has experience with either setup you mentioned.
You will probably be one of the only ones to have done it, should you do it.

I think most people on here are ripping on it, because they are different, and beyond the norm of what every other e82 owner does.

Most people haven't even heard of the brand (myself included), so there's no way you're going to get any real feedback.

Also just want to add, If you think every other 135 out there bores you, then wow. Lol. There are some highly modified ones out and about in Aus, and most of them are done right. So I can't personally see how having expensive coilovers are going to "differentiate" you from any other 135 out there.

If you're worried about this mod scene, the envelope is going to be pushed even further again, because in a few years time, when the prices come down on these cars even lower, every kid is going to want/have one and the whole scene is likely to turn to crap anyways.

But at the end of the day, you'll get some killer rep at downshift meets with those 8k coils. You'll have all those boys frothing all over them.
I've been to downshift once? So that's a very odd comment for you to make

MCA have said they have done a 1er
Hence why I asked

Everything I'm wanting to do will be different, regardless of which way I go it's going to be mostly custom mods so there's that
Don't get me wrong there are some awesome 135's in Aus (Froop's and Vinnie's for example) but everyone does much the same mods as everyone else, it's become the norm to be FBO + CSL lip/splitters etc, it's boring. I really don't care about my car looking cool so much as achieving my end goal with it

Hence why I asked about suspension which isn't exactly "pretty".