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Originally Posted by pd135 View Post
If you're worried about this mod scene, the envelope is going to be pushed even further again, because in a few years time, when the prices come down on these cars even lower, every kid is going to want/have one and the whole scene is likely to turn to crap anyways.
you can already find them very affordably/cheaply, it's a year or two tops until the modding community gets their hands on them widespread imo. You can already find 135's for mid 30's sometimes, and 335's for mid 20's (07 no oil cooler auto high km usually though)

The 1er/3er turbo mod scene is years behind that of the states as it is though. I think there are a few going single turbo here somewhere? hopefully someone will start matching them in 1/4 times haha

Originally Posted by sparoz View Post
If you want to be different that's a silly reason - you might as well just paint it pink. MCA aren't pretty to look at either.

For performance at that level, it is the best you can get before you move to the Supercar stuff.
i think they look pretty :P.. maybe my view is skewed by the performance though.

what's the supercar stuff? that ohlinx TX? I do wonder why the teams with high 6 figure budgets/unlimited go for MCA over the ohlins then :/

Originally Posted by sparoz View Post
Also, be careful when chasing the best. Where are you going to stop? TTX36 will give you a silkier ride than MCA gold for an extra 5k; if you go with TTX46/40 they will be 5k corner plus set up for 0.5 seconds a lap with ball bearing bushings.
i wonder why the top tier teams here haven't gone the ohlins over the MCA stuff.. the local support i guess?

Originally Posted by sbce90 View Post
Go for bags It's not just as simple as saying 'Accuair' though because you can use the Accuair management with a variety of other air kits. I.e you can have a Bag Riders or Airrex kit (the physical suspension components) and use Accuair for the suspension and air management. Looking at the Accuair site, the kit they have listed for 1/3 series is the D2 kit which is actually what I have in my car. Didn't even realise Accuair was selling the D2 stuff straight off their site lol... I got my D2 kit and management separately. Also there are different levels of Accuair management, the one you want is VU4 elevel w/ touchpad.
are there other physical bag kits that direct bolt on with 1ers?

is the D2 kit decent otherwise?.. and yeah, would definitely go for the e-level.. it's not THAT much more expensive, and it's that much better looking/to use haha

ED: I really am surprised that people here haven't heard of either accuair or MCA... accuair has been dominating all the big name car shows for a few years now, there's supposedly no better management system.. and MCA has dominated the timeattack scene for the past few years now... though i guess if you don't look at anything slightly 'JDM' and given they only really sell to the japanese (subie/toyobaru) crowd/racers

My thoughts are bags for sure.. unless it's going to be a track car, or tracked often, why sacrifice the comfort, ADDED practicality, looks...

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