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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
what's the supercar stuff? that ohlinx TX? I do wonder why the teams with high 6 figure budgets/unlimited go for MCA over the ohlins then :/

i wonder why the top tier teams here haven't gone the ohlins over the MCA stuff.. the local support i guess?
Only if you are referring to local time attack and sprints. For race teams, it is not always MCA especially teams with their own suspension engineer.

Murray is more than only a shock supplier. You let him know what absolute spring rates your tyres need, the spring rates you are going to use, your corner weights and geometry, and he will make one up for you with a very fast shock with almost the right valving first time round. So you are not buying their suspension, but also their expertise.

With a set of Ohlins, someone needs to tune it, get the right valving etc for it to be optimal. Ohlins TTX36 is starting at $2k a corner - and that is just for the shocks alone - no tuning, mounting or spring to go with it.

In Murray's words when I asked what's the difference between MCA and Ohlins, he said, "not much really apart from the price, but the Ohlins are very nice ... I can see why someone have a BMW will want to Ohlins ... at the end you are writing the cheque so you can have whatever you want"

V8 Supercars can only use Ohlins TTX40 or Sachs (can't remember what model) for their cars for control. A step up from that is the Ohlins TTR.

If you guys know Josh personally, just speak to him about the differences. I am no expert in suspension, just know enough so I pick the right product or person to help me with mine.

*** MCA used to be Proflex Australia and deal mainly with rallying due to Murray's experience in rallying. He slowly improves on the Proflex part by part until one day no part was Proflex anymore and MCA was born.
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