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Originally Posted by Stuart@BMRAutowerkes
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One of my Lux LED's stopped working as well. I gave the pair (the working and the non-working one) to Stu from BMR to return them to the manufacturer about 18 months ago and I'm still waiting! If/when I get the working one back from Stu, I'll sell it to you. I already bought a new set.
Besides your message earlier today Moe this is the first I'm hearing that you're still interested in getting these back. As I hooked you up with replacement angel eyes I thought you were pretty contented, perhaps a message 17 months ago asking about the LUX would've made me think otherwise.

Regardless anyone who purchases LUX from me and has one fail during the warranty period I will replace/repair. I can also repair out of warranty LUX V3s for $60ea as long as I have the power supplies in stock.
Oh so you got my message this morning! I thought you might have changed your number or something as you haven't replied to the last four texts I sent you!

The fact that I bought a new replacement off you is beside the point! You recommended to have them sent back to the manufacturer so I assumed I would get them back, or a replacement, at some point!

Anyways, you can call/text/Facebook me to sort it out! I'll also be at Advan on Tuesday.
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