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Originally Posted by RizOne View Post
Good write up. I am lucky enough to have the 1m, 4.0 and 3.8 rs, and 996 gt3. They are all incredible and must have's for BMW M/Porsche collectors as truly great drivers cars. The 996 gt3 is the most fun to me because its limits are lower so more usable than the 997 RS' on the street. With no drivers aids except ABS, the 996 is a real challenge to get right. When you get it right, you feel like a hero. The 3.8 is perfect in every way. The 4.0 is the 3.8 turned up to 11, just too valuable and collectable to push now. The 1M is the best front engine/rwd chassis factory M car ever imo (that includes the E30, E36, E46, E90 M3 which I have owned). 2011 was a great year.
It's funny, because the 4.0's owner also owned those exact cars, and said something nearly identical. I come from older cars mostly, and tend to see the 996 GT3 as a bridge between them and the new stuff. It has many of the old car traits, but dialed back so they are there but don't try to kill you, where the new cars (up through the 991 now) try to mask them so completely that eventually they'll feel mid-engined. So yes, I agree on the 996; it's probably a good time to pick one up before everyone else clues in.

It's such a shame the 4.0s are getting mothballed because of the stratospheric values- so good. I must admit my guilt as well, though, in that I have the same issue with my '69 912 Cup. Someone made me an offer that made me realize what it's worth, and since then I've had trouble driving it as intended. Luckily with the 1M I've gone the opposite direction- I've got 52k miles on it so far, but why care about resale if I never sell it? I'm with you on the 1M chassis BTW, even if I've only owned this and the E46 M3.

If you're a PCA member you might check out the new Pano issue that should be hitting your doorstep about now. I did the writeup in that, including the 540 hp 4.1- interesting beast.
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