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Pete, GREAT write up. It's so difficult to try to relay in words the "feel" or dynamics of anything that elicits an emotional response, such as driving Car A vs, Car B at it's limits. Thanks for the summary... you painted a very succinct picture, and very well at that!

With that said, it's funny how with cars the ones that are slightly less refined, or the ones that reach their limits easier, are more "fun" on the street. Though less capable on the track, the day to day experience can be more enjoyable. Same reason the Toybaru/BRZ's with skinny tires are enjoyed by so many for example. The 1M is probably more than capable for the majority of its owners.... The Porsche alternatives above are no doubt awesome, but for the daily run to work, or the grocery store, I think I'd want to beat my head against the dash if I couldn't go track them at least 1x a month. Then again I drive a 135... if I had a 1M I'd probably feel the same way .

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