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Originally Posted by Cakezilla View Post
Ok, chill. No need to get so feisty.

I didn't say it was your fault. I take back the better planning part. Although Portside is pretty well packed every Friday and Saturday.

I'm glad you took the initiative to plan something, and I would greatly appreciate it if you do another, dinner or cruise. You can't expect too much from the first one you plan, these things need to build up some momentum. And I did come to the last meet, I just couldn't get a park.
It never used to be. We didn't know about eat street at the time. We've been a few times since and the parking isn't that bad about 200m away. It just looks really bad.
Hence why I organized it for there

As I've said, I'm focusing on starting the register over the next few years as the 1er become a more popular car with their devaluing to an affordable price range. So there will be 1 series meets but they will mainly be cruises, tech days, dinners etc. I need to sort out dates that fit in with club activities, because they take priority for me at the moment, first however so I'll let you know once I've had the chance to take a look. The portside meet was the second one we've organized without too much success with the guys on this forum.