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Originally Posted by PeteA View Post[/IMG][/IMG]
are they the project kics nuts?

they look amazing, i just did my studs today and it looks a little chariot spec lol.

Originally Posted by PeteA View Post
You were torquing the studs or the nuts to 120Nm?

Studs only need about 40Nm + Loctite red.
Bolts can go on as per normal 120Nm torque spec.
mine said something like 15nm+loctite red, either way that's really not much, pretty much hand tight (i mean hand tight with the allen key)

strange that the studs would snap at recommended lug torque values though not good O_O

ED: and how are you guys going with 75mm studs? my 70mm ones are waaaay too long, i'd have been happy with 50mm, or even 40mm long haha.