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Originally Posted by 135Pats
Originally Posted by Shooto82 View Post
I'm referring to the stock frame 2 turbos on the n54. Why moving to single turbo and not upgrading those 2 turbos ?
You can certainly retain a twin turbo setup, ultimately that will probably be ideal for spool purposes. The tuning can also get a bit screwy when you merge the two exhaust banks into one for a single conversion, o2 sensor placement becomes tricky and i'm still not quite convinced that there isn't some funky long-term trim behavior as a result. Everything needs to move pre-turbo where the exhaust gasses are still split.

Twin GTX35s
You need to separate the 2 o2 sensors. 1 for cyl 1-3 and 1 for the others. Its quite simple. The twins ran out of breath at high rpms. The st is insane at high. Im currently on 23psi.