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BMW is a value brand. You get performance, quality and luxury all in one package for 60-70% cost of a Porsche. Shesh get off the high horse

the brand is already diluted with teenagers with their parents money, asians, and luxury ricer non-car enthusiasts. don't worry about the brand being diluted further.
So true but get some sensitivity training, before being labeled as racist. What the heck you singled out asians especially in a negative connotation as asian ownership is equivalent to diluting the brand. It is true lots of young asian kids drive bmw with parents money yet think they are above everyone else while swindling parents' money. If you think that's okay perhaps I should say I don't want inbred hilly billies be ruining the bmw experience. Such a sunshine, you must be a happy individual, please seek help from a therapist for your imbalance. Otherwise we may have to talk to your employer regarding your remark.