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Originally Posted by Brookside View Post
It seems we're on the cusp
of the return of small fast cars to the US only this time they'll be desirable and cool instead of the econoboxes of the 70's and 80's.

Can't wait!!:headbang:

Speaking of small, fast nicely proportioned cars, I was talking to a Mini Cooper S owner yesterday. Loves his car (so do I) and, based in my test drive a few months ago, it's an absolute peach to drive. My expectation is that Bimmer will outdo the Cooper S with the new 1-series (no surprise there). So if the Mini Cooper S is a synonym for the absolute minimum expectation for the 1-series, yeeeehaaa!!!!!

As we've said many times on this site, if the competition (B200, A3, MCS, GTI) sets the minimum standard (and we can be confident that the 1-series will easily surpass it) the car pictured above, adn its siblings, will be revolutionary...