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Originally Posted by Brookside View Post

For a relatively small car it has so much presence and authority.
I'm really knocked out by it.

And I'm with Freak...I'm finally 100% sold on the car.
Black/red interior/and the 3.0 will do me just fine
Couldn't agree more. This car is going to be more about quality than quantity; it'll be about balance and proportion. Being new, it will be unbloated and true to it's original vision.

It will be the kind of car that makes you want to get up early in the morning and take the long road to the office... sunroof open... radio off... lean it into every corner, laying into the throttle as you clip the 90 degree apex... trail brake into the next, slightly faster corner and find the mid-range power as you accelerate onto the straight... and then look forward to the ride home... Nice...