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Originally Posted by Brookside View Post
I think you nailed some of my questions I have for the car.
From everything we've seen tho, BMW will have a hit on their hands that pleases a wide swath of the public...from insiders,
to performance people, to the recent MBA grad who wants to reward themselves with something cool and worthy.

Instead of worrying about the car's sales success, I think BMW will be scrambling to fill production orders.
And, I look for all sorts of variations after introduction: hybrids, AWD-sport coupes and the usual special editions, and long lists of (pricey) options.
No doubt aftermarket firms are also going to make heaps from the 1-er.

If you trace the history of the car, it started out as a cabriolet...the CS-1 concept..
morphed into a very convincing production hatch and now is being introduced as a coupe/cabrio...almost coming full-circle.
What I hope is that the second gen coupe distinguishes itself from the hatch , shares fewer body panels and stretches BMW's design dna.

But right now, there really isn't any competition. I know a dealer who is salivating at getting his hands on the 1-er coupe and cab because
he sees the potential for a product that reflects lifestyle and can become as ubiquitous in some circles as i-Pods and Starbucks double-lattes.
This is a marketing department wet-dream if handled with integrity and intelligence.

A car with no direct competitors is something special.