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But right now, there really isn't any competition. I know a dealer who is salivating at getting his hands on the 1-er coupe and cab because
he sees the potential for a product that reflects lifestyle and can become as ubiquitous in some circles as i-Pods and Starbucks double-lattes.

This is a marketing department wet-dream if handled with integrity and intelligence.
The meetings I have had regarding US marketing's approach to integration of the 1er Coupe and Cabrio seems to suggest they are aiming at a "next best thing" approach - tapping into history with the 2002 and the introduction of a fashionable lifestyle - similar to the MINI. It's true that the Coupe will be aimed at Males both in the old and young demographic and the Cabrio at the female demographic.

In Germany and Europe we are going for a Emotional approach , looking at our history with a modern approach phasing into driving desire and the only integration so far offered in this segment.

The Cabrio which I am developing the concept now will be photographed and filmed in especially hot climates . As we approach the beautiful image of sun sea and sand to sell the image of a cruising machine ideal for these places... think something like this approach.

"It's a beautiful day"
The New BMW 1er Cabrio