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Originally Posted by onehots2k View Post
EVERYONE waits on BMW.
I mean if BMW didnt bring this thing, i HIGHLY doubt Benz, or Audi would have tapped into this market.

On a side note: I have a little theory about why BMW is bringing this thing to NA. Here Infiniti and Lexus are slowly creaping up on the invincible 3 series. They are gaining more ground of the market, but BMW has outpaced them at a good pace also. So instead of continuing this battle, they decided to invent another series. which is a great idea. I personally believe that the Infiniti and Lexus could not make a model to compete with BMW. I believe that mainly because the price would overlap with there Nissan/Toyota counterparts... What do u think?
Scott talks about tapping into nostalgia, which I agree with to an extent. To me the 1-er carves into the new rather than mines retro, but maybe I'm off on my own tangent.
And your comments about the competition creeping up on BMW's 3-er are, I think, very much on target.

My own feeling is that BMW correctly identified a global trend, but particularly one that has resonance in N/A because we're seeing a paradigm
shift towards smaller, sporty, premium attached to an awareness of technology that is responsible...geared towards safety, ecology, and economy.
I think also they were astounded at the success of the Mini.
I'm guessing because these models are planned so far ahead of things.

Where they really got it right was to expand the model out from the hatch to the coupe and cabrio and incorporate some very expensive technology into their least expensive car....
stop/start...regenerative brakes...variable speed water pump.

And Spin...what no i-Pod?