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Beyond Cult Status

When I talked about lifestyle what I mean is this car will change the way thousands of ordinary people feel about the driving experience.
RWD in a comparatively light car that is sporty with a great interior and backed up by a premium manufacturer is whatís going to seal the deal for a generation thatís mostly known only front wheel drive.

The 1-er is going to be an instant cult car.
Weíll be able to say that we knew all about it in the early days before it came into production -
or maybe some of us will be early adopters...the first people to own one in our neck of the woods....but the point is going to be moot once sales take off and we start seeing them everywhere.

If priced competetively, this is going to be the car that brings BMW into neighborhoods across the country for people who otherwise probably would have shopped Japanese.
And all the clever marketing strategies and historical tie-ins are only going to enhance itís image as the car to have.