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Originally Posted by Brookside View Post

If priced competetively, this is going to be the car that brings BMW into neighborhoods across the country for people who otherwise probably would have shopped Japanese.
And all the clever marketing strategies and historical tie-ins are only going to enhance it’s image as the car to have.
I agree the pricing is the important part. Once you go over the $30K mark, we have plenty of RWD competitions from Japan like the S2000, 350Z, G35/37, and IS250/350. (in the order of sportiness) I think these cars can pretty much cover the whole spectrum of 1er's target demographic, with the exception of the small niche between the 350Z and the G35 in terms of performance/utility. Then of course there is the German premium appeal, but the buyers that are primarily concerned with this will again go for the 3 if the price difference is not substantial.

Under $30K there is a conspicuous lack of a good RWD non-roadster sporty car other than the Mustang and the likes. Therefore I think the base 1er needs to come in slightly under $30K with basic options like sports pack and Xenon if it were to hit the sweet spot of the market.