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Originally Posted by Brookside View Post
I've re-thought the price spread...because it is looking like we'll get an M-1.

I Guess...$26 - 45,000. with the sweet spot (3.0 manual, sports option, leather, 18" wheels, winter pkg.) being somewhere around 30 -31k.
Just a guess...but that's what I'm anticipating.
I don't know about the 18" on the base 1er since the sports package for the 328i only gives you 17". But other than that, those options bring the 328i to $37.5K, so we are talking about $6~7K gap between the 128i and the 328i.

I think that's on the optimistic side, but for this thing to be a real hit, I believe something like that will be very much necessary. In my mind $5K gap between the 1 and the 3 is the minimum. Anything smaller I think a lot of people would just get the 3.