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"Whatever the case, the MINI is not style over substance (and I don't know that's not what you were saying), and I sincerely hope the 1 coupe isn't either."

Watch, we'll get both. Style and substance.:biggrin:
BMW must know exactly who is interested in this car...and I think it takes in a wide spectrum of people including those (like me!) who want some basic bang.
it wouldn't be coming here as a coupe...rather than a sedan if there wasn't a strong reason to match performance to the car's sporty design.
They aren't going to blow it...especially at introduction when there'll be a lot of people giving it a serious look.
Which engines are available, especially in the base model, and the price point is going to be the make or break deal from the get-go.

I don't see the 1-er as a niche model that's aimed (only) at the performance crowd...
even the guy who wants something that goes great,
handles great without breaking their bank account should be able to find what they want...
without feeling that they ended up with a cut-rate BMW.