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Originally Posted by eMINI View Post
Whatever the case, the MINI is not style over substance (and I know that's not what you were saying), and I sincerely hope the 1 coupe isn't either.
BMW really did it right with the MINI. It strikes you hard with the styling, and also provides the performance to back it up. I do think it would've sold decently even if it weren't so pretty. But then again, if that was the case BMW couldn't possibly charge $1900 to put leather seats in a sub-compact. :biggrin:

I think s2k's price predictions are realisitc, possibly except for the M1. (who knows what the M1's gonna be like, let alone cost) But as I have said before, $4~5K spread between the 1 and the 3 is probably reasonable, which is also in line with s2k's guesstimations.