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sorry for the big pictures

thats pretty damn bland if you ask me. the interior of the R32 has a better, more interesting layout if you ask me, but i think the bmw interior could be greatly improved with different material/finish choices than those pictured above. also one cant speak of materials without actually being in the cockpit which is where i would expect the bmw to hold its ground (ie less plasticy stuff).

im a huge fan of awd and low end grunt, and feel stupid for it, but still feel like id rather have the 1 simply because the exterior of the golf is friggin ugly. that plus the fact that i can only imagine how much more fun i would have behind the wheel of a 135i.

also i think thats a very good point of competing marketing segments in EDMs versus here. here, if you want something with rear legroom, get a damn 3 series, we dont expect small cars to be roomy in most respects.