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I ve seen the video a few times before and i have to agree that Clarkson's judgement is a bit over the edge on the 130i. The Golf, in all its variants is quite a car but...:
There isn't one single curve,edge or line on it that makes any of the senses tick, click or whatever you wanna call it.
And when bying a car especially at the top edge of the series the decision is quite governed by the senses am i wrong?

I can understand and appreciate the descrete and suttle look but funny enough, i was talking about this with my brother yesterday over lunch and while i was making a point on the Golf GTi (200 hp) he interrupted me and in an ubrupt tone said:"Are you willing to pay 33000euros (greek price) in order to live daily with a car that has the interior of a golf plus?" enough said...
Just my two cents...