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Originally Posted by TheUltimateDriver View Post
Yup, euro bumpers were sharp! The Bumpers on US BMWs did not start to look better (flush) until 1989. I had a '86 Euro 325i that I sold at the first of the year. I'll dig up a pic if anyone cares to see it?
Yes, I'd love to see it.
I'm still looking around for the Porsche model that had 4" deep rubber bumpers and accordion bellows on the sides.

Found it:

Regardless of tuning, all '74-model 911s wore the new front and rear bumpers mandated by American law. While most other car-manufacturers designed hideous constructions to meet regulation ( like the plastic nose on the MG-B for example ), Porsche came up with an elegant sollution. The bumper was 'pulled out' and mounted on aluminium tubes that collapsed when struck at 7 km/h or above and thus had to be replaced. Still they did protect the body much better than the previous models, and at low speeds the headlights weren't damaged, as American law required.
Accordian-pleat rubber boots neatly filled the gaps between body and bumpers, which were overlaid in color-keyed plastic with black rubber inserts. The new bumpers were placed higher on the car and therefore the side-indicators had to move from the fender to the bumper. American cars had two units placed next to eachother, while European cars had only one unit at each corner of the bumper.

From History of Porsche 911...note how they almost concede that these were ugly bumpers but the one's on the MGB were truly awful. An elegant solution?