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I thought I'd try to offer some useful information for my 1st post...

There is an entire forum at one of the other BMW sites, dedicated to Euro Delivery:

You can read my recent adventure here:

Just as I returned from the ED, I found BMW's announcements regarding the 135, for spring 2008. Had I known, I'd probably have waited and not gotten the 335. Not that I'm complaining...

European Delivery in itself is worth it, no doubt in my mind. But you can also combine it with various other events (soccer championships, LeMans races, what have you).

For my next ED, 135 in 2009, I was thinking of joining the BMW driving school at the Nurburgring. It's a 3 day affair, you supply your own car, and costs roughly $1500. That may seem like a lot initially, but you have 10 hours + per day on the Ring, with instructors, all entrance fees paid (this probably accounts for the majority of the fee, as each lap costs 19 Euro).

Anyway, if you guys have any specific questions they have probably already been answered at the "other" forum, and I'll be happy to answer as well.

Edit: Hi Irv! Good to see you over here...
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