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Hey everyone. sorry for being a noob. ive been just readin about this ED program and it seems like an ideal thing to do with the savings and oportunity to visit europe but correct me if im wrong. did it say somewhere that you DONT have to go if you dont have time? can someone please further educate me on this matter?

i also have a delema. im financing my car right now and i want to trade it in for the 135i. i heard from a friend that bmw doesnt take trades that are over 50k miles? what can i do to get rid of this car and at the same time get the 135i? :iono:
1. you have to go to pick up your car, even if you stay there for 3-4 hrs, you still need to pick it up and drop it off yourself

2. I'm not sure about other dealers, but ours has no problem with cars having over 50k miles