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Honestly if that happened id buy another brand period. I love BMW but not if they tried to rob me! Besides, Ive read numerous mags that say the 1 series in general is going to "bridge the gap" between the MINI cooper and the BMW 3 series. 3 series starting at about 32k around here which is a LOT of car, I wouldnt be suprised at all to see it base much closer to 30k. In this day and age BMW does have magnificent cars going for them, BUT they ARE a car company and therefore they WILL compete (audi,benz,mitsubishi, in all aspects of a car including price. Granted they can use it to lure in 128i buyers but even then if they want to have this series live up to the 2002 its going to have to be affordable. Just like many have said for 37k and even 35k alot of ppl ESPECIALLY in AMERICA are going to opt for the BIGGER 328i sedan. The Germans know this......