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Originally Posted by Jetter2 View Post
I'd love to know how all these college age kids plan on cranking out nearly $1k a month for a car + insurance on their salary...

I'm 21, but I'm a Network Engineer for an ISP...but I'm the only person I know under the age of 25 that makes what I do.

You kids must have parents that love you :iono:
My parents are cheap bastards, my dad keeps telling me I should get a toyota instead. Nobody in my family has any taste whatsoever and they all view cars as appliances that should be bought used off craigslist. I'm fortunate to have gotten myself straighten out and into a great paying job. I dont consider the car a huge expense considering I've already got a better house (and car) than my dad, and he's not too happy about it either. In fact, (funny story) he tried to "one up" me by getting some crappy used mercedes convertible that looked nice, but its in the shop just about every week. And that is coming from someone who criticizes BMWs as being unreliable. Kinda pathetic when your parents try to compete with you, instead of being proud. Oh well.