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2011, like Integrator and larryn said sounds right.

But the retro thing...sorry, I'm sick to death of it.
If the next 1-er stays small and remains somewhat true to the spirit of the
2002...fine; that's what attracted me to the car in the first place.

The fondness designers have in looking back to historical models for viusual inspiration makes a lot of sense but I am tired of "updated" designs that come off more as a bankrupt creativity than a heartfelt and timely nod to yesterday.

JMays became known at VW/Audi and then at Ford for graverobbing...Beetle, T-Bird and it finally got him canned...and rightly so.

Bangle has always embraced the new. Retro seems diametrically opposed to what he and BMW's design team has come up with.
I look for BMW to bring me something that is new, cutting edge, challenging.
Not another lame-ass pastiche from the past.