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Originally Posted by onehots2k View Post
I would be so nervous to beat the hell out of my brand new engine out the gate. Granted I'm no grandpa on the road, but I have to look more into this. I'd feel much better doing this on a 20k mustang than a 35,000 car.
I think much the same way.
I'll vary rpm's and kick it no higher than 3500-4k for about 1000 miles. That's a month's worth of driving for me. Shouldn't be too hard to wait....
then I'm taking it on a stretch of road I know and drive the hell out of it.

BMW says don't change the oil until you get a 00000 readout on the dash, but I'll change it at 3,000. The other thing I
won't do is wash it or wax it for a month or so (except to wipe bird s--- off)
to let the paint cure ultra-hard. Some say that's overdoing it...I don't think so.