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Originally Posted by RUKnight View Post
I'll be doing euro delivery so it's first miles will be on the Autobahn =)

I break cars in the hard way, get the temps up and seat the rings. I am generally gentle on the clutch for the first thousand but that's about it. Vary the RPM's and drive it like you stole it.
Corrected. :wink:

Exactly the right way to do it. Easy on the clutch for about 1-1.5k miles. Cycle it: take it to 3k rpm, engine break to 1k, up to 4k, down to 2k, up to 5k, down to 3k, etc. If you can, find hills to engine break down and up. Show that motor where its new home is.

However i am unsure as to how bmw breaks their motors in. So i don't know if seating the rings is necessary. I know Porsche has its own procedure. Engine builders say to break in with dino oil but Porsche does it with synthetic. It seems the conflict is with manufactures vs. engine builders.