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Originally Posted by jopali View Post
The 128 is for people with no more than 1 testicle
WOW...and here I thought that maybe BMW wouldn't attract the immature tool bags that hound the likes of the Lancer forums saying things like "You wish you had an EVO"

Perhaps not everyone wants a 135...and not everyone can afford one. Personally the 128 fits the needs that I'm looking better then the 135.

But hey, good luck proving that just because you have a 135 that it means "you're a big dick"...err, "have a big...", yeah the first way makes more sense...

As for the idea of supercharging a 128...well it would be something, so if you like the idea, go for it. Right now I'll stick with the N/A motor...maybe down the line someday I might play around with making it F/I..:iono: