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Originally Posted by zba857 View Post
It's not really necessary w/ the N54's off idle boost response...

+ it adds a lot of unnecessary complication..
You would need to fab up an electro-magnetic clutch for the blower, a bypass so the turbo's can take over at higher rpm's and somehow make that transition seamless.:redface:

VW has been dabeling w/ twincharged setups w/ great success.

First you say "It's not really necessary". Well of course not. A thread about adding superchargers on an approx 6 second 0-60 BMW 128i is an obvious excursion into the unnecessary. It is an obscene dive into the desire for "More". 135i, 128i, it doesn't matter, there can always be "More". That's what "More" means.

Next you say twincharging a 135i is too hard, quickly followed by saying Audi is twincharging with great success. Which is it? Too hard to do, or something that can be done with great success?

I have to say your posts grate on my nerves. It's like you comb through all the posts looking for something, ANYTHING, you can contradict so you can start an argument.

I'm going back to blocking you. Why don't you do me a favor and block me too? That way you won't be tempted to use my posts for argument fodder in your quest for conflict.