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Originally Posted by ichiban View Post
well the question is what kind of oil do they use? synthetic? I'd say this highly depends on how much you travel. Let say an avg of 15k/yr, that's 60k for 4 years. 60k maintance is about 300-500. 30k is about 200-300, oil change every 3k miles (30 / oil change) brake pads change (probably kinda expansive since these are six piston, so i'd say 250 for all four corners) Added all up 500+300+30*20+250 = 1650. Iono if this is accurate but if you replace clutch or rotors, it would go up considerably.
Thanks for the info, which was exactly what I was looking for....basically, compared with any car I'm looking to buy, i can reconcile to deduct about $1600-1800 in maintenance costs when looking into the 135.....

Isnt there a big 15k maintenance whereby they do more than the standard oil change?

so the 135 @ 40k is actually costing me $38,400
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