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Originally Posted by TESLAASTRO View Post
Isnt there a big 15k maintenance whereby they do more than the standard oil change?
Not when BMW plans the oil change intervals for every 15k miles. You will get an oil change (oil service) at 15k and 45k, and an oil change and brake fluid flush at 30k (inspection 1). The wheels are staggard so no tire rotation, and BMW uses "lifetime fill" fluids everywhere else.

I realize what you are saying though. I was a technician for Lexus a few year back. They got oil change and rotate every 5k, plus transmission/differential fluid at 15k, and all that plus new coolant, thermostat, and brake fluid flush at 30k. Lexus (Toyota) did not believe in synthetic oil or lifetime fill fluids. I guess there is a reason I see so many old Toyotas running around.