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Originally Posted by TESLAASTRO View Post
so the BMW free maintenance oil change interval is 15k?.....lets say i choose every 5k....will BMW cover that?....I dont think any car, new technology or not, should go more than 5k w/o an oil change....
No, you have to pay if you want it at 5k. Since BMW uses synthetic oil I'd change it at 7.5k and let BMW pay for every other oil change. Modern cars require so little maintenance in the first 4 years that BMW's "free maintenance" probably doesn't amount to much money. My Accord probably cost me about $750 in maintenance in the first 60k miles.

With BMW's 4yr/50k mile free maintenance program you'll probably get 3-4 oil changes, a couple of air filters, a brake fluid change and maybe some brake pads. Not a huge amount of money.
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