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I agree that Concord has a reputation for dealer markup but I told the sales guy there that I "Would Not Pay Over MSRP" and he told me that if I bought from him that was OK. I received a call from the sales mgr. at Weatherford in Berkeley that they will have a couple 1ers in December (not to drive) but for the people on there list to see, I also seemed to get agreement from them on the only MSRP pricing (we’ll see). I have a co-worker that wants a 3 series and have hinted at buying them both at the same time and that seems to make the numbers work in my favor. The real deal I think would work if a group of solid 135i buyers approached one dealer together, any takers? Of course the sales guys read this stuff too, but money is money, right. Just a thought. Back to the question I have also heard good things about East Bay BMW (why they call it East Bay I don’t know, they are way out in Pleasanton?). Lastly, the bigger the dealership is in sales the larger the allocation they receive will be, Concord, Weatherford, and SF are big.