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Originally Posted by potatoe View Post
In case anyone visits this old thread, I'm very interested in Brandon26pdx 's original question. How much does it cost to maintain one of these things once it's out of warranty? Lots of posters here seem to be driving out-of-warranty BMWs, how much does it cost you?

My barber complained "a $400 battery every 3 years, a $1100 brake job every 18,000 miles, ..." I shudder to think what a 60,000 mile service must cost at those prices.
I think you will find that a BMW isn't a lot more expensive to maintain than most modern cars today, especially if you keep up with things like oil/gear lube changes, to help avoid any major problems.

Once it is out of warranty, you should probably try to find a good independent BMW shop in your area, to handle your regular maintenance & repairs. You should be able to save $30/40 per hour on labor.