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Originally Posted by larryn View Post
As for free mats, I think Rossii was referring to the free mats you've always gotten if you do an ED.

As far as Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) figures go, you're probably better off not explaining those, other than the defacto: "it's archaic, but we need all 5's or we fail, lose allocations, and make less money".

By the way, if you have a list of these bad sales people/bad sales manager combo dealers who want to be "whoring" these cars out... please don't keep it a secret. :wink:

yes, please do tell.. i wana send some hate mail this xmas...
but i still stick to my comment.. you dont get "free" mats in a ED unless the car comes with them.. i just called our rep on this coz i kinda started to doubt myself on it and yip.. no free mats.. I only do a limited amount of ED every year but thats the norm..