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yes, less the $500 is most likly right (if at all).. but i doubt they will ever get "whored" out by bad sales people as there are many skilled sales managers.. who know much better..


Just like they knew what they were doing with the Z4M's right. What a joke. Those cars are going for over 10k off msrp. BMW better tread softly and get their heads out there asses. I'm sure ED will be offered at some point. It needs to be offered NOW.
that's what happens when the guys upstairs offer cash incentives on cars.. kills resale very quickly also..
but Z4's are very different, the sales are very soft in that car.. i guess BMW felt it was the only way to pump up sales. heck we still have an 06 Z4M roadster.. (going CHEAP!)
cant see it happning to the 1er.. my two cents anywho.

about the mats.. you know im sure about this but ive been wrong before.. what car did you get Larryn??? sorry if it's not the case.. i got the info from a euro delivery operator.. and ive always "added" mats to the deal, as in they were either pay'd for or throwen in on the deal.. ill search harder for a better answer..