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Originally Posted by Fast kiwi View Post
wasnt bashing mate.. But i stand by my statement.. They do come with mats.. HOWEVER>> there not BMW mats, there cheap rubber ones, there only there to protect the car for your short time in europe.. did you not just read the quote i posted from a customer of mine..
I do the ED's here as do all the clinet advisors... (here atleast)
My expericence is only 3+ years with BMW (In the U.S.. 7+years in the trade all together..)
and my comment about "terms" was ment to suggest that not everyone on here when i say things like "CSI" are going to know what im talking about so to make it easier to understand its best said in a way EVERYONE can understand.. not just people who are either in the trade or know plenty about it..
After all, this is a place to askquestions and learn.. not just sign in and as you put it.. have a "pissing compition" about who knows the most..

my clinets often come in ill informed.. its my pleasure to help them through the process and to show them how everything works.. but if i was to assume they already knew it all i think i would be failing them.. dont you?

But thankx..
Then the program has changed. Every car that I saw come through ED had the $125.00 carpet mats. Just so you dont think I was an "ill informed customer" I was a sales manager for BMW for 5 years.

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