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Originally Posted by Fast kiwi View Post
Here is a quote from a customer i just emailed who picked his car up a month ago (ish) they do give you some sort of mat.. what I was talking about however when i say "mats" i mean the BMW carpet mats that cost $125.00.. not some crappy rubber things.. lol.. So NO they dont come with mats.. but yes they give you some thing to protect the car in the short run while in europe so as not to ruin your cars interior..

(I asked what he got in Germany< he picked up a 335cic)

"There were some cheap all weather mats in the car. My understanding is they would be removed from the car during processing (not sure if that meant in Germany or New Jersey"

I dont feel so bad now.. lol
Personally, I'll take the rubber floor mats with carpeted heel pad over the plush carpet mats all day long. Okay, so they're $78.75 versus $130. Who cares.