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Does this look right for a 128i? Correct me if I'm wrong..

Base Price Euro Delivery: $26,600
Steptronic: $1,275
Xenons: $800
Cold weather package: $750
Destination & Handling: $775

$26,600 * .91 = $24,206
With Options/Destination & Handling = $27,806

With 6% tax = $29,474.36

Would that be my European Delivery price? (Just trying to see what it'd be for a pretty much base model, and then work from there)

Also, I know I'm late on the ordering if I did, but if I do European Delivery when would I be able to go over to Munich? I know there'd be a delay after I got back. If I end up doing this, I'd plan to stay over there for a week.