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Originally Posted by coolguy View Post
Thats kewl... I thot I might see you guys at the Autoshow:biggrin:
My prod no is starting with 390****. Isn't yours prod week6 ? SSTT2 and Helix Attache are tuner chips to increase the hp and torque likely above 350/350. SSTT2 should be an easy piggyback. I am planning to install them after the break in period.
I am confused about my production week... It was week 6, then changed to week 4. Now, they tell me Feb. 4. I am planning to call them again today, but I need to wait until lunch.

I travel during the week, so I wasn't able to go to the Auto Show during supplier days. We did end up going on Sunday. Have you been yet?

There were soooooo many people crowded around the 135 on Sunday that I didn't get to spend quality time with it. It was the first time I saw one in person. And, after sitting in it, I am a million times more excited about it! :biggrin:
:wub: I am IN LOVE with my car :wub: