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M135 ~ I was officially "on order" 2 wks before it jumped in line for production. Curious to know what slot did they tell you had? I was supposedly 7th when they put me on the list at the beginning of Oct, but was going to have to wait for a May delivery... Jake Sweeney actually has a few allocation slots still available, but the 135's go the quickest. They even had some convertibles ready to configure. I live only a mile from the BMW Store, but was getting tired of waiting so will make the switch and drive across town. I started with both internet sales mgrs and I'll admit that the one at Sweeney never made an effort. Have had a super easy time with their Asst Sales mgr Jon Ogden. I have not had service work done there so no experience with that, but my co-workers have said they're happy with them. He also told me that financing specials comparible to the deals for the 3's are very likely to be available for the 1's (due to their target market), but probably won't know what they are for a few more weeks. Hope this helps.