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First off, this is my first post - Hi all!

Love this look. Been steadily blacking out my MCS bit by bit, all that's left are the headlight trim rings and tails... Black is best until they come out with something darker (IMHO)!

Speaking of the matte finish... On the recent Street Tuner Challenge series on SPEED, with the Focus/MINI/Evo lineup, Skunk2 achieved the matte black look on a stock black paint finish on the Evo, much like the hood/roof of the hatch above...

They didn't go too much into it, but they mentioned sanding down the clearcoat, and had a few seconds of footage showing one of the guys literally wet sanding the finish by hand. Anyone seen this, or know how it's done? Seems like it'd be a real pain to get an overall uniform look, not to mention time consuming to complete a whole car...

Just wondering... this post reminded me of it...
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