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If you dont beleive them you will soon enough. Take a look at the US lease rates which were just released today as well. Not many happy people over there. Now they know how we are feeling but we just get the double wammy, higher prices and terrible rates.

Below is the email exchange from earleir today.

We actually just got the rate and residual information.
I can work out the numbers for you if you can let me know how many kms you want per year (12000km/year, 16000km/year, 20000km/year or 24000km/year)
Lease will be 36months lease, and finance option can be up to 60months.
Let me know your preference, I will workout the numbers and send it to you.
Thank you.

That would be great. How about a 36 month lease with 20 000km/yr and a finance with a 60 month term.

Do the interests change depending on the length of the term? If so please provide the interest rates for 36/48/60 months.


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 15:39:50 -0500

I have attached both lease option and finance option for you.
The interest rate for 36/48/60 are all 7.75% from BMW Financial Services for the 1 series.

Lease rate is also 7.75% for 36month term.

Let me know which option makes more sense to you.

Thank you.