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Originally Posted by TagMan View Post
A friend of mine tried to warn me about getting a red convertible because he claims it's a chic car... he said girls drive red convertibles, especially with light-colored interiors. He said I'll be sorry.

Well, of course, that just bummed me out... I've got a Crimson Red Cabrio with light interior on order which replaced my order for a black on black coupe.

What do you do think? Is he right?
That whole chic car thing really burns me up I had a red Miata and loved it. It's a classic and it was the most fun car I've ever had. It got me chics a few times, but that's really the extent to which it's a chic car.

Your friend must be jealous (driving around in a teal '92 Neon, maybe?) You've got a hell of a nice car on order. Don't let some a$$h0le ruin it for you by slagging it with mindless labels.

Oh ya, and it red convertibles with tan interiors are 'chic cars', what about all those Ferraris (like the pics posted above).
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