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Originally Posted by mgoblue135 View Post
I work in Atlanta from Monday through Thursday, so the earliest I can get my car is on Friday.

I am just a little annoyed at the run around I am getting from Erhard FH - If you are getting your car today, I do not see why I cannot get mine on Friday (assuming the dealership is close on Saturday). I am NOT waiting for another entire week to get my car!

Good luck with the delivery - please post details when you can. (I shall live vicariously through you until I get mine :wink
Bumping to see if any of my friends here got their 1er. I get so many looks n honks from the subie fans on the road to race. I am not able to drive much since I have a new born 4 month old kiddo. Looking forward to the weekend and hearing from you guys to see if you have taken delivery...:roundel:

If you guys see a AW 1er roaming aimlessly it's me:biggrin: