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Originally Posted by raventattoo View Post
Except for a POS Audi A4 I bought new in 1998, this is my first 'upscale' car buying experience. I am paying MSRP for my 135i coupe. While I have had a very good experience here at my dealership in Houston, the attitude of the BMW salesperson is certainly different from that I found when I considered buying a G37 a few weeks ago. THERE IS A REASON! Over the years I have read many reviews from Car and Driver, Automobile, etc, etc. I have also read the numerous letters to the editor about BMW bias. I went in to my shopping experience with an open mind. I read all the reviews how Infiniti has either hit the bull's eye or at least has come up with a comparable car to the 3series. Before a 1 was available, I went and test drove the 335 to get a feel what the 1 will be like. All those years of reading those reviews and letters suddenly rushed through my head and I immediately sided with all good that has been said about BMW and rejected all the naysayers that other cars are 'just as good.' These guys may come across as arrogant, but for a very good reason. They know there is no comparison. Go make your deal on an Acura or Lexus. They NEED to be at your feet. There is no comparison in these cars. I got to test a 135i (sadly an automatic) today and I can either have many, many words, or simply realize that there are no words to describe. I will post my experience driving the car elsewhere.

You may think I am being a snob. I say I have simply had my eyes open and I'm being realistic.

Having said that, I hope you don't have to pay over MSRP, but I hope you have really compared the driving experience between these cars and have an appreciation for what the BMW provides. Absolute THRILL!

This has to be one of the most naive posts I've read on this site. Ever.

There's nothing BMW currently sells that justifies any arrogance from BMW CA's or sales managers.

Edit: And the way I was treated today by the stained-tie assclowns at my local dealership may have turned me off this brand forever. You really have to work at it to be as clueless and unprofessional as those douchebags...